The Rainbow Sheep Ornament Project sends free personalized holiday ornaments to Transgender people who have changed their name.

If you're sentimental about the holidays, you likely have years of personalized ornaments that you've collected over time, some dating back to childhood. But something that brings one person good memories could be painful to someone else. Many transgender people who change their name choose to disassociate from the name they were given at birth, often as a necessary way to help heal from trauma.

The Rainbow Sheep Ornament Project was created to make sure that those who have changed their name have a personalized ornament with which to start new memories. 

Below are some FAQs about the project. If you would like to sponsor an ornament as part of the project, click here

Is not having a personalized ornament really a big deal? 

It can be! For many Transgender people, being associated with their dead name is painful and discarding mentions of it can be a form of self care. But starting memories over often feels isolating, especially around the holidays, and having something with your name on it can be comforting.

Do you really send them for free? 

Yes! If you have changed your name and you complete an ornament request form, you get one. We even pay shipping. 

How do I prove I changed my name? 

You don't! Just fill out our form when it opens each season. We don't use the information for anything other than shipping this ornament. Requests for 2022 will close on December 11.

That's it? Can't someone just lie and say they changed their name to get a free ornament? 

Well, sure. But Transgender people are constantly being asked to prove their identity - at the airport, at hotels, at the store, when filling out forms, on job applications, and on and on. You don't have to prove your identity to us - you are you! If providing a safe experience means a few dishonest people get free ornaments, we're ok with that. 

Can I request a free one for someone else? 

Unfortunately, no. Everyone deserves the right to decide for themselves what name they use and how they use it and we want to make sure this project means good feelings for those who receive ornaments. However, if you would like to purchase a personalized ornament for someone, head here. Your purchase supports this project and also means a donation to organizations that provide crucial support to Transgender people. 

This sounds awesome, but how are you paying for this? 

That is an excellent question, thank you for asking! Rainbow Sheep is covering the cost with the help of generous donors. If you would like to help, donate here. For as little as $5 you can cover just the shipping cost of one ornament, or more if you'd like. 

What if I think of more questions? 

Email us!